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Thread: Welcome to the Throwlights Forum!

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    Cool Welcome to the Throwlights Forum!


    For some of you who are really "OG," you'll remember the forums from 2011.

    We decided to bring them back because we felt there was a lot that we could do for lightshows and flow arts that was missing.
    • There's no site that combines the love of all lightshows, including poi, orbiting, gloving, hooping, fire spinning, staff, and more!
    • There wasn't anywhere that beginners could go to connect with a community, learn, and grow.
    • We wanted to provide a platform to share lightshow videos that was visible to the public eye, not hidden in private Facebook groups!
    • We wanted to foster a community full of positive vibes and free of the toxicity that was going on in a lot of the Facebook groups.

    With that said, the new Throwlights forums are still a work in progress and we're looking forward to building a great experience for you.

    Let us know in the comments what forums or features you would like added. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a PM!

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    Assuh! It would be dope to have a section specifically for people looking for / wanting to give feedback. For instance, we have a general video section, so how about a "Give/Get Feedback/Critique" section? Perhaps? To Be Continued....

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